#mobtownburgerweek creed

#1 Post and Tag!

 Help spread the word about #mobtownburgerweek by sharing posts and tagging your favorite restaurant.

You'll automatically be entered to win

a gift card to one of the participating restaurants.

#3 Be Patient!

 Buy a beer or fancy drink at the bar, relax, and share a post on social media using #mobtownburgerweek and enjoy hanging out.

Good things come to those who wait.

#2 They Might Run Out!

 It's the first year for #mobtownburgerweek, y'all! These restaurants just *might* run out of their specialty burger on any given day.   Don't Get Hangry! Order something else, come back tomorrow (earlier), and give them another chance to wow you!   

#4 Tip Generously!

 The servers are working extra hard during #mobtownburgerweek and deserve a kind word AND at least 20% of the check.
Remember, they're your friends and neighbors.